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Digital carsharing that works for your company and your employees within your captive fleet. already available across europe, and coming soon to the uk. 


Fleet Sharing is a service that helps reduce your business travel costs and provides an effective alternative to costs related to mileage allowances, taxi rides and short-term rentals. This service helps your company take an environmentally responsible approach to vehicles usage and encourages high utilisation through digital innovation.
With our online platform, you can make your vehicle fleet available for all your employees to share and easily monitor their bookings. Your employees will appreciate the autonomy it gives them, as both online bookings and access to vehicles can be available 24/7 - with unlocking by ID badge or smartphone, or via a Key Sharing connected key cabinet.

Leasys Fleet Sharing is a full turnkey solution, backed by manufacturer's warranty. 



Employees register on the Fleet Sharing app or the online reservation platform, then select a vehicle and the dates and duration you want to use it for. 
The vehicle can be unlocked 24/7 using a badge, smartphone or with a key from a connected key cabinet.
Employees can make a return or one-way journey and then return and lock the vehicle simply using the key, badge or smartphone.




If vehicles in your fleet usually sit idle on evenings and weekends, you can choose to make them available for your employees to rent for private use. This can make them profitable or offset some of the existing costs. Your employees will appreciate this opportunity for their personal journeys and you can set the conditions, availability and prices. This option can be configured for free on the fleetsharing platform. It's a win-win solution for your company.







The option of a car jockey service allows you to get back the vehicles that your employees use for a one-way journey or leave at the airport. This prevents you from paying excessively high parking fees for long-term parking spaces in private car parks and optimises the use of your vehicles, avoiding any being out of use.



The washing service option keeps your company's shared vehicles in good condition. A well-maintained fleet of vehicles is good for your brand image.


Leasys also offers carsharing solutions in 4 major cities: Paris, Madrid, Lisbon and Washington DC, notably with the new Citroën AMI.