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For 100 years Citroën has been inspired by you to create new and exciting commercial vehicles, which offer unrivalled van comfort for each passenger. 

Driving comfort, ease to use, modularity, convenience and storage. Make business journeys feel effortless. 


All round relaxation

Designed to offer unrivalled comfort and wellbeing for each passenger, Citroën Advanced Comfort® provides the best for body and mind. Soft-touch contact points and low noise levels create a sense of calm, while interior space is designed to be stylish and really versatile.

The overall ambiance makes journeys feel effortless and intuitive technology gives control at your fingertips of the practical and unique features.


Citroën vans offer optimum driving comfort regardless of the road conditions. This is thanks to a high driving position, smooth running gears and suspension, thermal and acoustic insulation.

The front seats in Berlingo Van and Dispatch have been ergonomically designed to offer plenty of space, a comfortable driving posture and are height and lumbar adjustable.



To maximise the space and versatility in Citroën Dispatch, Moduwork® provides a load-through bulkhead and folding side passenger seat. This extends the load length in XL versions up to a full 4 m. You’ll also find an anti-shift net on the driver’s side for extra safety.

Extenso® cab

Available on Berlingo Van, Extenso® Cab can carry 3 people or increase the length and volume of load space. To increase load length, the side passenger seat folds down, giving 3 metres in length in M versions and 3.4 metres in XL versions.


Mobile office

The cabin of Citroën vans have been designed to double as a mobile office, letting you work easily on the go.

Within each van there is a space to work comfortably on your files or computer and all offer a power supply via a USB socket.

Thoughtful storage

Citroën vans are designed around the demands of working life. That’s why you’ll find numerous useful storage spaces for everyday equipment and valuable tools. There are large door Pockets, big storage area under the passenger seat, open-and-close glove box, dashboard mounted cup holders, large sized storage shelf at the top of the centre console: space for everything a busy day demands.

Hands-free sliding side doors

Practical, innovative and unique in this segment, the hands-free sliding side doors* allow you to open and close the side doors on Citroën Dispatch without contact. With a simple pass of the foot under the corner of the rear bumper, the vehicle unlocks and the sliding door on the side where you are opens automatically.

*This feature is available on Citroën Dispatch only


An exclusive innovation

An Overload Indicator warns you if your vehicle’s payload is exceeded.