Upgrade to Business Class

We understand that your Citroën Commercial Vehicle is crucial for your business. That’s why it’s so important to keep it and maintained correctly by our highly trained technicians. 


With Citroën Upgrade to Business Class, you can benefit from large discounts on servicing, for one fixed price. 


Plus, you’ll also receive Citroën assistance until your Citroën is 4 years old.


First 4 years of servicing and Citroën assistance for just £299 for petrol/diesel, or £199 for electric 

Model Contract Length  Contract Value 
(exc. VAT) 
Your Price 
(exc. VAT) 
e-Berlingo  4 Years / 75k miles  £427.85  £299 
Berlingo  4 Years / 75k miles  £937.50 £299 
e-Dispatch  4 Years / 75k miles  £759.38  £199 
Dispatch  4 Years / 75k miles  £737.50  £299 
Relay  4 Years / 75k miles  £691.67  £299 
Ready to Run  4 Years / 75k miles  £691.67  £299