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Stellantis Financial Services and Leasys offer you a full range of financing. Stellantis Financial Services develops financing products with associated services for CITROËN customers.
LEASYS is the Stellantis Financial Services* entity dedicated to mobility services for businesses and supports the CITROËN network in building comprehensive offers for business customers. 


Long-term rental allows you to rent a new car or van from the entire Citroën range. The duration and mileage are determined in advance and can be adjusted at any time to reflect the actual driving you do. You have access to a wide range of associated services to meet your needs. For example, the Citroën Maintenance contract helps you drive with complete peace of mind with 24/7 roadside assistance.
At the end of the contract, return your vehicle to your point of sale, without worrying about its resale, enabling you to keep your vehicle budget under control. The rental process is simple to guarantee you optimal efficiency. 
• Easy renewal of your Citroën
• Fleet management offers
• VAT recoverable on commercial vehicle rentals
• Tax savings by recording vehicle rentals including tax as deductible expenses


With a classic loan from Stellantis Financial Services, you can get financing for up to 100% of your business vehicle's purchase price (basis excluding tax for companies recovering VAT). When choosing the model, you can select options, accessories and even conversions. You set the term (up to 60 months) and your monthly payment amount. You therefore decide how you pay back the cost of your Citroën.
If you wish, you can add additional services:
• Citroën service contracts
• Vehicle Value Protection & Personal Insurance services 
• Fully deductible paid interest on passenger vehicles and vans
• VAT recoverable on light commercial vehicles for companies subject to it


With the Stellantis Financial Services Leasing formula, you lease your Citroën but have the option of buying it. The duration of the financing (up to 60 months) and the amount of your lease payments are fully customisable. You choose your repayment terms including the deposit and whether you opt for linear, progressive or decreasing maturities. You can decide to become the vehicle's owner by exercising the purchase option at the end of the financing or at any time after the first year. You can enjoy a choice of services to drive with complete peace of mind:
• Citroën service contracts;
• Professional Content and/or Operating Loss warranties;
• Safety Replacement and/or Personal Insurance services. 
• No capital is locked up
• Tax savings by categorising your rentals as deductible expenses
• VAT recoverable on rentals for commercial vehicles if your company is subject to it.
*Business Contract Hire. Subject to status. T&Cs. 18+. You will not own the vehicle. Business users only. Stellantis Financial Services UK Ltd t/a Leasys, RH1 1QA.