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Citroën service provides transparent servicing and repairs for your vehicle

Covering servicing, oil changes, brakes, battery and air conditioning, get your vehicles serviced regularly to protect your employees' safety and your budget.

For a price without surprises, our plans include labour and all spare parts. The advertised price is what you will be invoiced.

There are two types of plans:

  • The Citroën Care Plans, which use original parts,
  • The Citroën Advantage plans, which are specially designed for vehicles aged 3 and over.

You therefore benefit from the expertise of the Citroën network and can control your vehicle budget at the same time.


With the Manufacturer Service Plans, we carry out checks and adjustments (operation, condition and seals), in particular on the safety devices, oil change and diagnosis of your Citroën.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


One price that includes both an oil change and filter change for a healthy engine.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


A plan for inspecting the essential elements (drums, pads, discs and callipers) for good braking, with replacement if necessary.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


One all-inclusive parts and labour price for checking your current battery before any exchange and replacement if necessary.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


One all-inclusive price for parts and labour to change your wiper blades for optimal visibility.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


For this price, you get the air conditioning system checked and the air conditioning compressor oil replaced so you can enjoy a healthy interior.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


The shock absorber plans include 2 front shock absorbers or 2 rear shock absorbers, 2 front or 2 rear spheres (without Hydractive), or 2 front or 2 rear spheres (with Hydractive).


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


With this plan, make sure your cambelt kit is kept in good condition or that certain parts are replaced if necessary.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


To check the fitting and rebalancing of your tires, Citroën has thought of you and your safety.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


Thanks to this plan, if you get a chip, repairing the windscreen is very quick and less expensive than a complete replacement.


FROM €XX inclusive of tax


Has one of your vehicles been damaged? Whether the damage is inside or outside, minor or more serious, its repair deserves special attention and the know-how of professionals. 

Authorised Citroën Bodywork Services guarantee you: 

  • high-quality work that meets the most stringent Manufacturer requirements,
  • a team of body work specialists, 
  • dedicated equipment and tools,
  • original Manufacturer parts, 
  • rigorous quality control throughout the repair cycle. 


To make it even easier: 

  • we take care of the administrative procedures if you have not had time to declare the incident to your insurance provider, 
  • we carry out all the necessary work, including on the windows, so your vehicle is fully repaired, 
  • your employees can get servicing and bodywork operations done in the same workshop.