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Tipper Vans



Light Commerical Vehicle tippers like the Citroën Relay Ready to Run Tipper are an essential tool for many in sectors such as light construction and horticulture as they offer a flexible means of carrying a variety of loads and equipment in an open body. As well as unloading manually, a tipper can also discharge a bulk load to the rear by tipping the body – raising it at the front so that the load is discharged at the rear of the vehicle.


WHEELBASE  3450 mm 4035 mm
INTERNAL LENGTH  2870 mm 2670 mm
INTERNAL WIDTH  2026 mm 2026 mm
SIDEBOARD HEIGHT 400 mm 400 mm
TAILBOARD HEIGHT 600 mm 600 mm
OVERALL LENGTH 5895 mm 6100 mm
PAYLOAD* 1222 kg 1033 kg

The Ready to Run Tipper is available in two versions, either the L2 Single Cab or L3 Crew Cab. Single cab models are fitted with a dual passenger seat as standard, while the Crew Cab variant can provide seating for the driver and six passengers. Four individual seats make up the second row. The payload ranges from 1,033kg* for Crew Cab models to 1,222kg* for single cab models.

*Payload (excluding driver) is calculated including oil, water, lubricants, tools, spare wheel and 90% full fuel tank. When calculating the payload, an average figure for the driver is 75kg (Please note: drivers’ weights will vary). Additional passengers and accessories must be taken into account. It is the operator’s responsibility that the plate weights are not exceeded. Please note: Masses and Dimensions are subject to 8% engineering tolerances.

At the front of the body, the bulkhead/gantry serves several purposes. It is constructed from three load lashing rails with high capacity load securing eyes, so a variety of loads can be secured to it easily. It is also fitted with an embossed steel panel to protect cab occupants from a shifting load, while also providing rearward visibility.

The platform of the Ready to Run Tipper is manufactured from high tensile steel to resist denting from bulk loads whilst also allowing the vehicle to be as light and robust as possible. To prevent corrosion and ensure durability, all parts of the body platform are treated with protective coatings. The load deck is free from surface projections or crevices which could become clogged with bulk loads. Instead, the load restraint lashing rings are fitted to a perimeter rail, keeping the load deck clear. To help contain weight and maximise payload, the body sideboards are crafted from double-skinned aluminium, with a smooth surface finish making them suitable for customer livery.


The full-width steel tailboard features side mounted top and bottom locks to ensure they do not interfere with the tipping discharge area. The two sets of locks allow the tailboard to swing open for tipping either from the top or bottom depending on the type of load. Tailboard finish includes full “Chapter 8” high-visibility markings and wire stays support it during loading to ensure that the rear lights remain visible. The tailboard also incorporates a long-load lashing rail in its top edge as standard.

Ready to Run Tippers are equipped with under-floor tipping gear which incorporates overload and hose burst protection. The mechanism is designed to be maintenance free for the life of the vehicle. A manually-operated body prop provides safety support when the body is in the raised position. The tipping gear is operated from a cab-mounted cable remote control. A safety cut-out switch is incorporated in the handset.


Practical interior

As with all Citroën converted vehicles the Ready to Run Tipper interior cab comes equipped with lots of useful technology and features to make every journey comfortable and practical. Citroën Tipper creates an optimal working environment for you and your business’s needs with features such as 2 USB ports, 13 clever storage spaces and an extendible writing panel.

Grip control

Available as an option, Citroën Tipper can come equipped with Grip Control technology. This feature makes it easier to drive the vehicle over different terrains including, snow, mud and sand by optimising the traction of the front wheels.


The driver’s seat in Citroën Box Body is adjustable for rake, reach and height and includes a lumbar adjustment and arm rest as standard equipment. 
There are two USB ports in the cabin of Citroën Ready to Run vehicles. One is connected to the radio and can recharge mobile devices, while the other allows recharging of a second device. 
The Citroën Ready to Run range of converted vehicles come with an extendible writing panel which is perfect to support purchase orders, smartphones or tablets without having to leave the cab. 
With 13 different storage spaces in Citroën's Box Body including a lockable glove box, you can take everything you need for a days work. 
Citroën Tipper's gear lever is located on the dashboard for additional comfort. 


Citroën Luton is designed to meet European standards and comes with a 3 year/ 100,000 mile warranty covering the whole vehicle as well as many other advantages. To find out more, contact your local business centre and discover all the benefits of a Citroën converted vehicle.