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We have a full range of accessories and services available to personalise your Citroën company vehicle to suit your needs.  


Citroën has developed a wide range of accessories such as towbars, reflective strips and ladder racks to be able to adapt to the specific requirements of your business. You can therefore work in complete safety with access to more functional work tools every day.
Our accessories have been specifically developed for your vehicle. Find the accessory you need for your model in the following areas: comfort, transport solutions, style, protection, safety, multimedia and more. 


Here at Citroën we understand that life on the move has never been more demanding.  That’s why we’ve developed a range of Connected Services available for you to access from your vehicle, (or even in some cases remotely via the MyCitroën app) all designed to make getting from A to B more relaxing.

 Citroën Connected Services includes practical programmes such as Real Time Traffic and Telemaintenance which are FREE to activate for new car customers.  So discover for yourself how we aim to make life in your new Citroën that little bit smoother.
Citroën makes your journeys easier with connected services.  


The Citroën accessories store makes your purchases easier by allowing you to buy your accessories from home.

• The comprehensive offering includes 2,500 items.

• Easily find the accessories you need for your Citroën in the different categories: transport solutions, safety, comfort, etc.

• Choose the delivery location: your workplace or a point of sale.

• Enjoy great prices and regular offers.

• Payment is secure.

For optimal security and time savings, consider delegating installation of your accessories. They can all be installed within the Citroën network. 




We can also transform your vehicle with specific markings, lighting to suit your activity, ergonomic fittings, custom-made furniture and more.

These are all approved by Citroën, as a manufacturer, for the various car models and sizes.

These transformations are supervised by our technical experts and high-quality assembly in your vehicles is guaranteed.