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Vehicle maintenance

As a business customer you expect a business class service

If you are looking for trouble free driving with manageable, fixed payments, Citroën Maintenance is for you.

Citroën Contract Motoring Maintenance is about giving you the freedom to enjoy motoring even more in the knowledge that when it comes to service, breakdown and the replacement of parts subject to wear and tear, we’ve got you covered. Home and Roadside Assistance provided by the AA, leaning on a big shoulder, when you get stuck never felt so reassuring.


Service pricing

As a key part of our business class service, we aim to ensure that your local Citroën authorised repairer can help you to maintain your vehicles fleet to the highest possible standards.

The Citroën service menu pricing programme has been designed to ensure fleet customers receive a consistently high level of service when visiting a Citroën authorised repairer and to give complete price transparency.

The Citroën Fleet Service Menu Pricing programme aims to be easy to use, to offer transparent pricing and to meet the requirements of the Fleet operator. Your local Citroën Authorised Repairer will help you to establish a long-term business relationship through the delivery of consistently high standards and level of service.

Fleet Service Menu Pricing includes:

  • Regional fixed labour rates
  • Parts prices at Recommended Retail Price less 10%
  • Fixed oil prices
  • Commitment to quote all inclusive prices
  • Price given for common maintenance jobs, e.g. front pads & discs
  • No labour charge for fitting wiper blades & exterior light bulbs (except on Xenon fitted vehicles where a 0.5 additional labour cost can be charged by the dealer).
  • No additional charges, e.g. brake cleaner, oil flush

The part numbers indicated in the Fleet Service Menu Pricing are numbers for genuine Citroën parts.

Repair Order and Quality Check Certificate:

Whether you are visiting an Authorised Repairer for a regular service or for a specific problem, you will be provided with a repair order.

A visual inspection will be carried out in the customers’ presence, on arrival, to establish the condition of the vehicle and confirm the work that is required. A price estimate will be given to the customer along with a copy of the repair order. The Citroën Quality Check Certificate will be issued to all customers as their assurance that every vehicle has been thoroughly inspected for the quality of the repair and advice given on any future work required. This will allow you to budget for future work, make a booking at a suitable time and be reassured that un-necessary work will not be carried out. It will also inform you when your next service and MOT test are due.

Whenever your vehicle requires a service, your local Citroën Authorised Repairer will arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.

Further benefits:

  • Over 200 Citroën Authorised Repairers are part of the scheme across the UK
  • Fully integrated into the epyx 1Link system.

With Citroën Fleet Service Menu Pricing meeting your requirements, you can rely on high standards of maintenance carried out by Citroën trained technicians. You can rest assured your vehicle will run reliably and the cost of maintenance will be known in advance.

For customers already registered to the scheme please enter the Citroën Fleet Service Menu Pricing website.

If you are a fleet customer not yet registered and would like further details or to register to the scheme please contact Citroën Fleet Connect on 08457 940 940 or email

737x414 C3 Steering Wheel

Shortfall insurance

Shortfall insurance for fleets

If you have a fully comprehensive car insurance and you want to protect your financial position in the event of a ‘total loss’ insurance claim, Shortfall Insurance is worth considering.

You can’t keep your eyes on your car all the time but you can ensure a level of additional protection with Shortfall Insurance. There are two types available which take effect when your motor insurer declares your vehicle a ‘total loss’: Shortfall Insurance: GAP, offers Citroën Financial Services customer’s protection against the finance liability between the market value* of their vehicle (typically the insurance settlement) and your outstanding finance balance.

Shortfall Insurance: VRI, is the ultimate Shortfall Insurance product which makes it easier for finance or cash customers to get a like-for-like replacement vehicle, with the gap covered between the market value* (typically the insurance settlement) and the original invoice price of the vehicle.

Contact your nearest dealer to find out more about Citroën Contract Motoring Shortfall Insurance.

*Market Value is the settlement amount your Shortfall Insurer will expect your motor insurer to offer you in the event of a total loss. The market value will generally be determined using trade valuation publications such as Glasses Guide. It is a condition of a Shortfall policy that you do not accept your motor insurer’s settlement offer before speaking to your Shortfall insurer as this ensures an agreement on valuation can be reached.

Extended warranty

Citroën UK reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw sales allowances and/ or amend pricing at any point in time in anticipation of any tariffs, duties taxes or other costs that Citroën UK believes may increase its cost of importation and/or supply of vehicles after the 31st December 2020.