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Be inspired and express your creativity with Citroën accessories. Citroën accessories have been designed around our mantra of safety, quality and style. Our innovative, high performance accessories and fresh ideas mean that you can drive a Citroën Commercial Vehicle that’s perfectly adapted for all your individual needs.



Because your personal needs and your professional needs may evolve, your Citroën Van can be transformed at will. A large range of functional, ergonomic accessories will help you transport a wide variety of loads.

The Citroën Van range gives full meaning to the word “functional”, with a range of roof racks and roof bars designed especially for utility vehicles. Specifically designed to transport heavy and/or bulky loads, they blend design and safety features.





Your Citroën van is much more than just a vehicle. Its advanced technology and multimedia equipment will take you to a new level of comfort and pleasure and allows you to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

There are a range of Citroën mobile phone accessories to keep you fully connected and safe for every journey, including phone holders and standard chargers. There are also a range of TomTom Navigation Systems available with features including lifetime maps, advanced lane guidance and an intuative Quick Search facility enabling you to find your destination easily.


Citroën protective equipment has been designed to give you confidence and reassurance, protecting you and your passengers better on all your journeys. We use the best performing technologies for your protection. Citroën offers a range of safety accessories from an anti-intrusion alarm, safety kits and reflective strips so you can rest easy knowing that your van is fully protected. 



Protect your fleet vehicle from unsightly scuffs and scratches. Side rubbing strips and boot sill protectors can mean avoiding common scrapes from daily use. 

When it comes to handing your fleet vehicle back, exterior marks and scratches could mean smart repairs, which quickly add up. Isn't it better to avoid them in the first place?



An effective barrier against daily wear and tear, Citroën interior protection accessories are designed to fit the specific features of your Citroën Van.

Ranging from stylish, well gripped floor mats to hard-wearing seat covers, they are easy to fit, have an impressive design and are resistant.

Citroën Catloc - Secure your catalytic converter for £145 incl. VAT


Catalytic converter [CAT] theft is a real worry and it only takes thieves minutes to remove one from your van. CATLOC is the innovative solution from Citroën. It locks securely around your CAT and fixes it to the vehicle body, making removal difficult without workshop facilities.

Everything about it inspires confidence:
• Clamps around the CAT and secures it to your vehicle
• Made from high grade stainless steel
• Fitted by your Citroën dealer in about 30 minutes
• £145 including VAT

With a new CAT costing up to £1,000 and replacement taking up to two days, CATLOC is the innovative deterrent that keeps you moving and stops thieves in their tracks.

So drive with extra confidence that your catalytic converter is protected. Contact your local Citroën dealer today.