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Citroën Catloc - Secure your catalytic converter for £145 incl. VAT

Catalytic converter [CAT] theft is a real worry and it only takes thieves minutes to remove one from your van. CATLOC is the innovative solution from Citroën. It locks securely around your CAT and fixes it to the vehicle body, making removal difficult without workshop facilities.

Everything about it inspires confidence:
• Clamps around the CAT and secures it to your vehicle
• Made from high grade stainless steel
• Fitted by your Citroën dealer in about 30 minutes
• £145 including VAT

With a new CAT costing up to £1,000 and replacement taking up to two days, CATLOC is the innovative deterrent that keeps you moving and stops thieves in their tracks.


So drive with extra confidence that your catalytic converter is protected. Contact your local Citroën dealer today.