Despite the great professionalism with which your car is manufactured, things can go wrong over time.
To preserve your work tool and allow you to work without worrying, we go above and beyond the legal warranty and replace defective parts with parts of an equivalent quality to the initial parts.




Where can I find the details of the warranties?

They are listed in the maintenance and warranty log book that was given to you when you purchased your vehicle.

How does the warranty work?

When your vehicle breaks down, gets a paint chip or the bodywork gets pierced from the inside to the outside, your reaction should be instinctive. Go straight to a Citroën Workshop with your maintenance and warranty log book. Only an authorised Citroën repairer can tell you whether the defect is covered under the Citroën commercial warranty.

What happens if your car can't be driven following a breakdown covered by the warranty?

• Call Citroën Assistance without delay!
Because we know your car inside out, we will be in the best position to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.
• The costs of on-site repair or towing to the nearest Citroën Workshop (62 miles maximum) are covered.
• If the work required on your car will take over two hours, your Commercial Service Advisor will offer you a mobility solution to enable you to get back to work.

You chose not to take out an extended warranty when purchasing your vehicle. Is it too late to do so now?

No, don't worry! You can take out a warranty extension until the last day of the contractual warranty. All you have to do is contact your point of sale.

When you sell your car, does the warranty end?

It is transferable, and will apply under the same conditions for the new purchaser for the remaining term of the contract.

If you have a question about your car warranty, who should you contact?

First check your maintenance and warranty log book which was given to you on delivery of your car, where you will find all the useful information on the warranty.
If you can't find what you are looking for, contact your Citroën Workshop.